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Warehouse Management

Optimize, Organize, Outperform: Elevate Your Warehouse to World-Class Efficiency!

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Industrial Automation

Meray Technologies simplifies the intricate, delivering dependable precision to empower your automated systems.

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Conveyor Line Integration

Meray Technologies Delivers Conveyor Solutions and Expert Project Management for Your System.

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Food and Beverage

Master the Art of Perfection in Production with Our Expert Solutions! From precise Ingredient Handling to the craft of Brewing, our S88 Batch technology revolutionizes Bottling and Dairy Product processes. Dive into the world of advanced Food Processing with our state-of-the-art MES Solutions. Elevate your production journey with us – where quality, efficiency, and innovation converge to create exceptional outcomes. Let’s transform your operations into a symphony of flawless execution!

Solar Energy

Empower Your Operations with Cutting-Edge Control and Security! Elevate your industrial capabilities with our sophisticated SCADA systems, tailored for seamless power plant control and efficient fleet management solutions. Experience the precision of MET stations and the reliability of advanced networking. Our solutions are fortified with top-tier cyber security, safeguarding your operations in the digital age. Transform your business with us, where innovation meets security and efficiency. Let’s redefine excellence in operational control and protection together!


Unleash Innovation with Meray: Your Expert in Custom Automation! At Meray, we boast extensive experience in crafting specialized systems for product manufacturers with unique automated processes. Our expertise lies in understanding and transforming your distinct needs into efficient, automated solutions. Partner with us to elevate your manufacturing with custom-designed systems that embody precision, innovation, and unmatched efficiency. With Meray, experience the power of tailor-made automation that sets your production apart. Let’s create the extraordinary together!


Advance Your Mining Operations with Meray’s Expertise in Industrial Excellence! Specializing in both precious and industrial metals mining, we offer a comprehensive suite of services including advanced conveyor and process control, robust networking, and state-of-the-art cyber security. Our solutions are crafted to enhance efficiency and safety in your mining operations, ensuring seamless control and protection in the most challenging environments. With Meray, step into a new era of mining where technology, security, and operational excellence converge. Let us empower your journey towards more secure, efficient, and innovative mining operations!

Oil & Gas

Navigate the Future of Operations with Meray Technologies! Facing the challenges of new technology implementation? Striving for greater process efficiency? Looking to reduce costs through automation? Meray Technologies is your ideal partner. We specialize in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies, fine-tuning your processes for peak efficiency, and implementing cost-reducing automation strategies. With us, you’ll not only meet these challenges head-on but also thrive in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Let Meray Technologies be the catalyst for your operational transformation, driving your business towards unprecedented success and efficiency.


Elevate Your BHS Operations with Meray Technologies: Where Efficiency Meets Innovation! Specializing in BHS Systems, we offer comprehensive solutions from Upper Level management to advanced Sorting & Tracking. Enhance your Bag Check processes with our cutting-edge technology, and delve into deeper insights with our Analytics services. Our Enterprise Solutions are designed to streamline your operations, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and smart handling system. With Meray Technologies, transform your BHS operations into a model of modern efficiency and strategic innovation. Let’s redefine excellence in baggage handling together!

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Warehouse Management


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SafeGuarding Machines


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At Meray, we believe process is key to revolutionizing industrial automation and cloud services. Our commitment to this principle ensures that every project we handle is executed with meticulous attention to process optimization. Trust us to integrate superior process-driven solutions in every endeavor, propelling your operations to new heights of efficiency and innovation. Choose Meray, where process perfection and advanced technology converge for your success.


Stay Ahead with Meray: Smart, Affordable Solutions Through Cutting-Edge Technology! At Meray, we understand that embracing new technology is crucial for delivering cost-effective and intelligent systems. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of innovation, ensuring our solutions are not just advanced but also accessible. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology means our clients enjoy smarter systems that are both high in quality and affordable. With Meray, experience the future of innovation designed for your success


Progressive Solutions, Unmatched Excellence – That’s Meray for You! At Meray, we take pride in our progressive mindset, always seeking new ways to enhance our clients’ systems through advanced technology and improved automation processes. We’re not just a service provider; we’re innovators committed to elevating your operations. Our focus is on delivering transformative solutions that redefine efficiency and productivity. Choose Meray, where progress and client satisfaction go hand in hand.

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Meray Technologies is Your Premier Partner in Warehouse Management, Advanced Industrial Automation, Seamless Conveyor Integration, and Unmatched Machine Safety Solutions.

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