Industrial Consulting

SCADA | HMI Programming

With the advancement of human machine interface, it has become an essential tool in plant operations. It allows better interaction between the machine and the operator. Monitor and control all of your equipment in real time from a central location or from any location with mobile solutions.

Historian and Reporting

Our systems also provide the kinds of optimization that can help control your processes so that they operate with high efficiency . By using cutting-edge process control and advanced data analytics which is based on data visualization, machine learning through the vendors like IBM, National Instrument, or Siemens, your process will have a responsive solution for handling your industrial process. Put humans in control of making big decisions, and leave the process management with our intelligent systems.

Upgrades and Migration

Spend less and achieve more with your cloud. Every AWS environment is truly unique. Our certified AWS engineers work closely with your team to understand your architecture, cost structure and how you use the various services on the AWS platform.

IIOT Solutions

IIoT solution gives you the tools to optimize your operation . Whether it is temperature monitoring, power efficiency assessment, or evaluation of wear-and-tear on your equipment, predictive maintenance provides the means for your company to minimize equipment failure and replacement fees, lower energy costs, and increase part life cycles.

We also use some basic design techniques such as color coordination, consistent font, information grouping, feedback response and icons to make our SCADA | HMI system increase operator efficiency.

Benefits of Cloud Managed Services

Some Key Benefits of Running Your Business and Delivering Product in the Cloud.


Agile, responsive, and predictive scaling of your infrastructure to optimize value for the user against company ROI.


Accessibility, maintenance, and deployment of workloads for the age of distributed collaborative work and service delivery.


Disaster recovery, data storage, and uptime management at a fraction of the cost and effort through automation and ci/cd practices.


Security tools and protocols built into the cloud allow for close and iterative alignment and integration of security and devops on your infrastructure.

How We Can Help

Resourceful Engineers

Our cloud engineers have a combined decade years of extensive experience and have successfully managed numerous Devops projects on AWS

Customized Solutions

We can build your DevOps lifecycle from scratch to smoothly align infrastructure and development into seamless workflows, or pick up the work when you are stuck with resources, expertise, or budget to maintain your business momentum.

Comprehensive Support

Meray Technologies we are with you all the way. From the initial assessment, through implementation, to maintenance and continuous improvement, our team keeps a close eye on your Devops workflows, CI/CD piplines, and sercurity automation, to make sure your software development cycles are short and ticking like a clock.

Our partners says

When we first approached Meray Technologies for help with our warehouse operations, we were struggling with outdated systems and inefficient processes. Their team not only listened to our concerns but also provided customized solutions that have completely transformed our operations.

Implementing the advanced inventory management software they recommended has been a game-changer for us. We now have real-time insights into our stock levels, orders, and deliveries, which has significantly reduced our turnaround times and improved our overall customer satisfaction.

Charles Pennington
Engineering ManagerEngineering Manager, Serve Robotics